Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire

Before enrolling in an online course, you should first assess your readiness for stepping into the online learning environment. Your answers to the following questions will help you determine what you need to do to succeed at online learning.

Instructions: Choose the most accurate response to each statement. Then click the “Am I Ready?” button.


  1. I am good at prioritizing and managing my time.

  2. My educational goals are extremely important to me.

  3. I finish the projects I start.

  4. I do not quit just because things get difficult.

  5. I can keep myself on track and on time without the direction of others.

Life Factors

  1. I have the time needed to add course work on top of my work/personal responsibilities.

  2. I have a place to study where I can read and work on assignments without distractions.

  3. My family and friends support me in attaining my educational goals.

Learning Characteristics

  1. I am able to learn from things I hear like lectures, audio recordings, or podcasts.

  2. I am comfortable reading text online, and can easily comprehend what I have read.

  3. I like to figure things out on my own.

  4. I would be comfortable working online with a group.

  5. I am able to express myself clearly in writing.

  6. I am comfortable using email and other online tools to communicate.

Study Skills

  1. I have demonstrated good problem solving skills in the past.

  2. If I do not understand something, I readily ask for help.

  3. I am willing to spend an average of 9-12 hours each week on an online course.

  4. I plan my work in advance so that I can turn in my assignments on time.

Technology Skills

  1. I am proficient in the use of a computer and am comfortable conducting searches, creating bookmarks, and downloading files.

  2. I am comfortable modifying the configuration of my computer, and installing additional software if necessary.

Computer Equipment Capabilities

  1. My computer is running a supported, modern operating system such as Window 7 (or newer), Mac OS X/macOS 10.6 (or newer), or a current version of Chrome OS.

  2. I have installed (or will install) a supported web browser and update it regularly.

  3. My internet connection is reliable, and fast enough to facilitate the use of multimedia (like audio and video streaming) for the purpose of instruction.

  4. I have installed (or will install) antivirus software and have configured it appropriately.

  5. I have access to headphones or speakers and a microphone in the event that a course requires videoconferencing.

After responding to all of the statements above, click the “Am I Ready?” button for your results.